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TTR 008 - Leanne Harte


TTR 006 - Glyder


TTR 008A/BAD070201 - An Irish Girl In Paris


TTR 010 - Playground for Life


TTR 009 - Kindred Spirits

About True Talent

True Talent Records was set up in January 2004 by Irish international blues-rock guitarist Eamonn McCormack (ex. Samuel Eddy) who has over twenty years experience in the music business and the idea of a full production Irish Rock Indie label was greatly prompted by the drastic changes in the way the music industry works today. With the label idea and dream in place, Eamonn was soon joined by accountant Frank Gorman CPA (always keeping the Wolf from TTR¡¯S door!) and Barry Kinane a great guitarist with years experience in the business and together they pursued their goal which was to build a label and company that would spend hard time developing young Irish Rock talent. Release their debut EP¡¯s, radio singles, and albums on the True Talent Records label, get them out there, build their profile, establish their name and prepare them for possible Major label signing and publishing.

Today the label features top Irish Rock acts GLYDER, LEANNE HARTE, EAMONN MC CORMACK and THE DEANS and we are proud to achieve our success to date that has seen our catalog and their albums/CD¡¯s make their way into the retail music shops in many countries spanning across the five continents of the World, as well as greatly represented and available on all of the most popular digital download sites like iTunes etc.

True Talent involves itself in all aspects of its artists careers but is adamant that the artist themselves remain in charge of their overall management and direction. In a way True Talent is run like a Co-op where the artist is totally pro-active and works closely with the label right across the board handling gig bookings, PR, promotion, publicity, worldwide distribution, website maintenance, graphic design, digital distribution, transport, tour management, and tour merchandise etc. The label keeps a keen interest and advices its artists on musical direction but the artist still retains total artistic freedom.

True Talent Records is a small label that prefers to keep its roster to a minimum and work hard to build its profile and its catalog internationally before taking on new acts. TTR is build around a solid team and  enthusiastic young musicians who genuinely believe in the rightful return of truly talented Irish Rock music as apposed to the bubblegum fickle TV manufactured Pop that¡¯s sees Stars created overnight and sees them fade away as quick as a flick of a mobile phone SMS text vote.

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we run a prestige label that realizes the importance of the business aspect of the job but also realizes the important fact that a truly talented artist/band needs space and time to develop properly with the goal to becoming a prolific long term artist with Global Respect eventually leading to legendary status.

True Talent Records is now firmly established and on the radar as one of the finest Irish Indie Rock labels and considered a modern forerunner in today¡¯s International Hard Rock, Rock, Blues-Rock and Indie markets.






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